last time i did any web coding stuff was as a kid with a pirated copy of dreamweaver
if people popularly use privately owned online services as public forums, if this usage is facilitated and encouraged by said services, and indeed this usage is as widespread and entrenched in our lifes as it currently is, then it should make sense that freedom of speech is expected at least in the biggest platforms. for being silenced there isnt a minor and contained event anymore, since unfortunately, the internet has become so big it bleeds into and affects the meatspace more each day
limitations inspire creativity
  • think of the tricks that old videogame programmers had to come up with, or what game designs were bornfrom the problem solving that technical limitations necessitated

  • freedom inspires efficiency
  • practically, there never is true freedom. for as long as resources are limited, competition chains us to optimize for efficiency for survival's sake (those who do not, die out). best part is opting out of that rat race has repercussions on our physical and mental well-being; we evolved for this after all.

  • calling people "humans" is dehumanizing
    truth is meant to be true; but models are meant to be useful
    true improvement must be both mental(conceptual) and physical(repetition)
    natural sensitivity in fps games
    the idea of a sensitivity that matches real life movement.
    spin the mouse with the center of rotation at the bottom, this will make the sensor trace a circle after a full 360º rotation. the ingame result of this should also be a 360º rotation of the camera.
    heuristic: 6 wrist swipes/360° (or 3/180°). a hexagon
    "the best defense is a good offense":
    in a game(general terem) against a second actor/team, defensiveness is fragile; you set up a defensive strategy and hope it holds. an offense-oriented approach would have you focusing on exploiting advantages. basically, you are on the move, making attacks on the opponent, while covering your weaknesses just enough, low commitment. being on the offense means you won't be a sitting duck, and it's suited for when the asymmetry is against you (e.g. guerilla warfare).
    of course, depending on mass what counts as offensive vs defensive will change. by mass i mean how much effort it takes to make moves (a large army on the offense will be slower than a small one also on the offense
    'adapting' is a defensive strategy, it's laggy and has you following your opponent and trying to predict them; it's a rigged game unless your opponent is extremely predictable*. instead of chasing, you should rely on having to know what your opponent is doing as little as possible, forcing them to follow you instead; in other words i prefer maximin over minimax
    *in which case it take less effort to simply thwart your opponent's attempts without overkilling and wasting resources
    a lot of general statements said in english are misinterpreted as personal attacks because the plurar form of 'you' is 'you'
    people who experience life first and foremost through word, hear me out: word is evil by default; true experience is felt, not heard
    the system has become so big it doesn't have a human face anymore
    "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers."
    this quote by socrates is often used to prove a point that at any point in time the older generations are always critical of the newer - yet, it could just as easily prove a point that newer generations have been degenerating since at least ancient greece.
    creatives, inventors, discoverers, let it be known:
    you are but a conduit for ideas to manifest materially; be thankful, be humble.
    let your guard down, put aside the overt self-questioning, and allow your soul to communicate with your physical body frictionlessly.
    * you'll know what messages from deep within feel like when they happen
    ** as an example, being in the zone/in flow state is precisely the sort of "soul's willing upon the physical through your body" weightless|tensionless state that you should aim for
    *** your brain is part of the physical, therefor so are thoughts and ideas. they originate|generate spiritually